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Screw Air Compressor and Drill rig


Huizhou Dehong Air Compressor Co., Ltd. is a professional air compressor manufacturer specializing in the production, sale and service of screw air compressors. Dehong air compressor was established more than 10 years, one thing is very clear: Deh Hung is a small business, small companies, in order to develop it must serve customers. At the beginning of its establishment, Dehong set a goal of "Involving every customer with our service". To date, each of our new employees has to be trained and evaluated according to this goal. With the gradual growth of Dehong, we found that in the Chinese air compressor industry, only good "service" is not great development! Dehong air compressor from the first physical store to the eighth after the opening of the store , I found a problem: the more the store opened the faster the business collapse! Our loyalty is to open the shop "service" to the customer's industrial zone. At that time: shorten the service radius, improve service efficiency, the customer was touched, the customer moved us to create profits for the enterprise, "Tak Hung" will be bigger and stronger! Facts have proved that this concept is wrong. Dehong air compressor with 17 years of "sincere" to serve, but now we have not achieved the goal we want to say self-appeasement words: De Che-hung screw air compressor in the market has only won the customer's Praise it! Many customers and we did not imagine so "moving"! There are even many customers still have a lot of problems!

What causes customers do not move it? Is the service level is not high enough? Is the service efficiency is not fast enough? With these problems, we visited a number of customers, the customer is saying: your service no matter how good no use, I want Air compressor is not a problem! So we secretly vowed: Germany hung to make China's most stable air compressor! Deh center in this way to study the screw-type air compressor assembly technology, screw-type air compressor stability Sex done enough "Kung Fu." So far, many 22KW, 37KW air compressors bought by customers five years ago have not been repaired. But by 2014 it will not work, the price of screw air compressors is as worthless as cabbage! China's air compressor industry has entered a "price war" era! Deh Hung air compressor in order to survive, had to go to production Those low-cost screw air compressor. Because you do not, the dealer resold the other brands! You did, Dehong can not reduce the quality! The final outcome is: Germany hung doing the sale. To be honest, loss-making business can be how long? We have to go on like this?

So in 2015 so that Dehong kept pondering: China's air compressor can only be simple to create it? China's "air compressor" will only be assembled? No! At least, "Tak Hung" will not be like this . After all the staff of Germany Che-hung day and night, Germany hung air compressor positive response to the call of the country: German Che-hung air compressor can not only create, but to learn to create! Really easy to create air compressor " Hong Ren "seventeen years of service to realize that: China's air compressor market needs energy-saving and stable screw air compressor! Energy saving: Many people think that the installation of a converter is energy-saving, air compressor head increased There is indeed a lot of air compressor factory section through the installation of a frequency converter so that their own brand stuck from the "energy saving" name! Also let some air compressor companies embarked on a fortune The road to prosperity.

The installation of a frequency converter on Germany, it is not a bad thing! But we are unwilling! Dehong people themselves clear: inverter only improves the efficiency of the air compressor, the inverter does not change the air pressure The machine's own pumping capacity. To save energy, screw air compressor only to "two compression" direction. This idea has been "China's air compressor professional network," the recognition of many compressor industry elite, as well as the line of many professional and technical support!

June 16, 2015, Huizhou Dehong Air Compressor Co., Ltd. has finally produced China's first: 22KW two compressors permanent magnet screw compressor, this Taiwan 22KW air compressor can reach the national "first-class energy efficiency "Logo! Prototype is being submitted for inspection, and soon passed the national energy conservation department testing. As long as you are willing to try, Germany Che-hung small two-stage compression screw compressor frequency free to send! We only charge air compressor savings in electricity!

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